Course Timings

Instructor courses will start at 0930 on the first day, and generally run through until about 1800 unless there is a night passage or evening sessions planned.  There will be regular breaks throughout the day for lunch and refreshments.

Getting to the Edinburgh Marine Academy

We are based at Port Edgar Marina, Shore Road, South Queensferry, EH30 9SQ. If you are driving then you can park in the main Port Edgar Marina car park where the parking is free.

If you are taking public transport, the train station at Dalmeny is a 15 minute walk and trains regularly depart Waverley or Haymarket, and Inverkeithing and the other Fife stations. There is a regular bus from Edinburgh City Centre which stops at the end of Shore Road by the police station.

When you enter the marina, follow the pedestrianised road on the seaward side of the large buildings. Follow the road along past the Bosuns Locker boats and Scotts Restaurant. We are at the end of the road, in a large blue building and the office overlooks the Marina.


Port Edgar Marina have recently introduced a new parking system.  All visitors dropping off and picking up will receive free parking for up to 1 hour, but anyone staying longer than this will be charged.  However all Edinburgh Marine Academy customers will be able to register and validate their number plates to have all parking charges waivered.

Please make sure that you come into the Edinburgh Marine Academy office to register your vehicle first thing in the morning to avoid receiving parking charges.


There is plenty of accommodation in South Queensferry.  There are B&Bs in the village, or a Premier Inn up the hill by the M90 junction.  if you need any more assistance finding accommodation then please contact us.

Cafes and Local Shops

There are two cafes (‘Scotts’ and ‘Down the Hatch’) at Port Edgar where you will be able to buy lunch and refreshments throughout the day. These do get very busy during the summer, so we recommend that you book ahead.  Alternatively bring a packed lunch or you can use the local shops in Queensferry.

Please note that the cafes and restaurants are subject to COVID restrictions, so contact them in advance for info on opening hours etc.

Powerboat Instructor Pre Entry Assessment

Please ensure that you have enrolled and passed a Pre Entry assessment before attending the course.  This is an assessment of your boat handling skills and background theory.  It will be a direct assessment with a pass or fail given at the end.  Please note that if you do not have a completed Pre Entry at the start of the course you will not be able to progress further.

What to Bring to your Instructor Course

Please ensure that you bring the following with you to the course:

G19 – Powerboat Instructor handbook with pre entry section signed by the trainer who completed it.

G20 – Powerboat Logbook

G48 – Start Powerboating Handbook

G13 – Powerboat Handbook.  This is useful, but not essential.

Pencil, pens, rubber, paper to make notes

Anything else that you feel is necessary or useful (i.e. props for discussions etc)

Course Structure

The course will be delivered by an RYA Powerboat Trainer, and during the course you will be given all the necessary training to be able to run Powerboat Level 2 courses at your own usual RYA recognised training centre.  

The course will cover the principals of instructional techniques, course planning, learning and teaching styles, briefing and debriefing techniques, use of visual aids, assessment of students learning, theory subjects, preparation of boats and equipment, and teaching methods.

Pre requisites

Please ensure that you have all the prerequisite paperwork and it is in date before attending the course.  If you have any concerns about any of this then please contact us to discuss.

– RYA First Aid certificate or equivalent

– RYA Powerboat Level 2 certificate

– Instructor Pre Entry complete

– RYA Membership number

– Completed RYA logbook


During the course you will be required to deliver a number of short presentations and practical sessions to the other candidates.  This is to ensure that you have the techniques and knowledge to allow you deliver the course effectively.  Topics will be taken from the RYA Powerboat Level 2 syllabus (found in the G20), and should be delivered at a RYA Powerboat Level 2 standard.

You will have access to any teaching tools you require, such as whiteboards, projectors etc, and you will be given time to prepare these presentations during the course,.  It would be well worth familiarising yourself with the topics in advance and ensuring that you understand them in full.

Possible topics could include:


– Weather,

– Hulls and Drives,

– Tides,

– Passage Planning,

– Electronic Navigation

– Clothing,

– Buoyage,

– Pilotage

We will discuss these in greater depth on the course, so apart from familiarising yourself with material please do not spend too much time preparing presentations in advance as you will be allocated one on the first day.


The course will be moderated on the final day by an external moderator allocated by the RYA. This is to check that the course has been run in accordance to RYA guidelines and to ensure that your ability meets the RYA standards.  It should be considered as a training day, and the moderator will offer you advice and assistance throughout the day. At the end of the moderation you will be given an individual debrief, and you will find out if you have successfully completed all the aspects of the course.

Possible outcomes of the course could include:

Pass – allowing you to leave and begin delivering RYA powerboat courses

Action to Pass – Meaning that on the whole you are at the standard to pass, but there are minor things that you need to work on.  An achievable action plan will be created with your input, with a timescale for you to complete.  

Fail – you are not at the required standard, and are required to attend another course in the future.

Safety at the Edinburgh Marine Academy

Your safety whilst onsite is our primary concern.  You will receive a full brief on the first day of the course, and thereafter a daily briefing and course plans for any multi day course.  Please ensure that you follow all directions issued by your instructor at all times.

Port Edgar Marina South Queensferry
Port Edgar Marina South Queensferry