Course Start Times

Your course will start at 0930 on the first day, and generally run through until about 1700.  On some courses there will be late evening finishes if there are night passages, but your instructor will inform you of this in advance.

What to Bring

Please ensure that you bring the following with you to the course:

Waterproof clothing (oilskins).  If you do not have these then we can loan you some from our school stock

Warm clothing for use outside and inside the boat.  Please also bring gloves, hats, buffs etc.

Sunglasses and Sunblock

Footwear that will not mark the decks (trainers or light sailing wellies are fine).  Please do not bring heavy working wellies as these can damage the deck surface.

Personal lifejacket (subject to instructor inspection).  If you do not have your own lifejacket then we will supply them.


If you are planning to stay on the boat for the course then this will be available as an option free of charge.  The vessel is warm and dry but otherwise basic, and the marina will have showers that you can use.  Further to the list above please also bring the following:

Sleeping bag

Pillow and pillowcase

Towel and personal maintenance items (shower gel, toothbrush etc)

Food and Drink

Light refreshments (tea, coffee, water and diluting juice) will be supplied throughout the course, but please ensure that you bring meals with you.  There is a fridge which you can use to store food items on a daily basis, but please make sure that it is cleared every evening.  If anyone has any dietary intolerances or allergies please let us know in advance.

There is a strict no alcohol policy on board the vessel at all times.


Some of the RYA courses have certificates that are registered on an online system and require a passport sized photo for  the certificate.  if you are joining us for the following courses then please make sure that you come with one.

RYA Day Skipper Power

RYA Coastal Skipper

RYA Yachtmaster

Yachtmaster Exam Candidates

For anyone doing a Yachtmaster Exam with us, the examiner will join the boat on the last day to deliver these.  Exams will continue into the night so please do not make any travel arrangements until the next day.

For your exam please bring the following so that the examiner can see them:

Log Book

Passport Photo

First Aid Certificate

VHF Radio Licence

Safety on Board

Your safety whilst on board is our primary concern.  You will receive a full safety brief on the first day of the course, and thereafter a daily briefing including weather updates and course plans.  Please ensure that you follow all directions issued by your instructor at all times.

Port Edgar Marina South Queensferry