Boat Charter available from March 2021

Becoming a member of the Edinburgh Boat Club is by far the most cost effective way of accessing powerboats in the Firth of Forth, but if you don’t want to be tied into a membership then we are able to offer traditional boat charter from our base in Port Edgar.  The traditional charter option is perfect for those people who would like to access powerboating on a day to day basis, or for a single memorable event.

You can choose from two brand new boats, the Merry Fisher 695 ‘Forth Adventurer’, or our brand new Ribcraft 6.4m professional ‘Forth Explorer’.  Both boats have Suzuki 150 hp engines, and can take 6 people.  For more info on the boats follow this link.

The boat is supplied to you fully fuelled at the start of each day, and apart from replacing the fuel that you use, and a refundable damage deposit, there are no other hidden costs.  The Edinburgh Marine Academy team will be responsible for all aspects of boat management, insurance and maintenance, so all you need to do is contact us to book the boat, turn up on the day, and return it at the end!  You can bring up to 5 passengers (6 in total on the boats), and lifejackets will be supplied for all.  Waterproofs can also be supplied for an additional fee.

What training is required to charter a Powerboat?

To charter one of out powerboats you will need to have completed an RYA Powerboat Level 2 course which teaches you the manoeuvres to handle the boat safely, and an RYA VHF course and exam which teaches you how to communicate on the water.  If you already hold these qualifications then you can charter from us right away.  For prospective charterers the RYA Powerboat Level 2 course can be delivered on the boat.


Where can I go on my Trip?

There are a huge number of small and picturesque fishing ports on the banks of the Firth of Forth, many of them only accessible in smaller boats with lifting engines.  we can give you ideas and cruising plans if you would like to explore them.  With appropriate conditions you will even be able to go further afield, such as to St Abbs, North Berwick, and to Elie, St Monans and other ports on the Fife coast.


Can I go on a multiple day trip?

Yes you can take the boat away for multiple days by prior arrangement.  You will need to fill in a passage plan detailing your approximate routes and safe havens but this is a great way to go further afield and see new areas.  We can give you details on ports and harbours in the Firth of Forth that you could consider as destinations.  We can also arrange for the boat to be delivered to the cruising location of your choice, for example the West Coast of Scotland.  Please note that there will be an additional fee for delivery and pick up depending on the location.


How much will fuel cost?

Like a car, fuel usage depends on how you drive the boat, the sea state, and the number of people you carry.  As an approximate rule if you allow 1 litre of fuel per mile driving at optimum cruising speed (about 2500 revs – 20 knots) then this will allow approximate calculation.  If you drive the boat fast, or fill it with people then you will use more fuel.  We will give you the boat full each morning, and then top up the tank at the end of the day and you will be charged just for what you use at the pump list price.


Do I need to take any other equipment?

All the boat safety equipment and personal protective equipment (lifejackets and waterproofs) are supplied as standard for you and each of your passengers.  All you need to bring is your lunch, water, sunglasses and suncream and any other items of warm clothing or belongings that you need for the day.


How much does it cost to charter?

A single day charter starts at £350 (off season rate).  This allows you to take 5 passengers (6 people in total), includes lifejackets for everyone on board, and all other safety equipment.  Additional fees may apply for premium dates (bank holidays etc), and discounts are available for multiple day bookings.  Please note that in addition to the charter fee we required a £1500 fully refundable damage deposit at time of booking to fulfil our insurance obligations.  Please contact us with your requirements for pricing.


How do I book the boat?

The boat can be booked over the phone, or by email using the details at the bottom of the page.  The usual times that you can take the boat are 0930 – 1630, but if you have special requirements such as to go on a evening sundowner cruise then you can contact us and we will make special arrangements for you

Gift Vouchers

If you would like to purchase someone a unique and memorable experience, then we offer gift vouchers.  These can be redeemed towards the cost of any of the activities we offer, such as an RYA Powerboat course, an adrenaline fuelled powerboat trip, or a boat club membership.  The individual has plenty of time to redeem the vouches, as it will have a years validity.

To book a gift voucher click on the book now link below and follow the instructions.

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